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Batman: The Overused Crusader?

HBO Max recently announced one of their newest animated shows, ‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ will be a reimagining of the Batman mythology with executive producers announced as Matt Reeves and J.J Abrams and Bruce Timm. I’m sure that the series will entertain the masses of die-hard batman fans, but a few queries do play on my mind before I become fully invested with this project.

No 1: Too Many Batmen?

The first issue with the project I do have is that we are slowly getting more and more different variations of Batman to the point where every person will have their own favourite Batman, and most will not succeed as DC have broken their audiences down too little to make any profit. For example: Marvel right now only have one version of their characters on the screen and that is all included within the MCU and most the fans back these versions of the characters as there aren’t any Elseworld versions they can enjoy more.,

No 2: Can we trust Matt Reeves?

Although, we liked his Batman trailer we haven’t really saw any proof that he can handle the character of Batman well enough yet until his first movie is out in late 2022. It makes me uneasy that HBO are green lighting all these different Batman projects involving him, especially since they don’t know how the fans will react to The Batman and the reactions could very well be negative. I hope it is good for DC and HBO Max’s sake.

No 3: Bruce Timm

Although Bruce Timm has had his golden age with the Batman character, his most recent years has been quite divisive. Especially with the movie Batman and Harley Quinn which received a 45% rotten tomatoes score. He has proved in the past that he can really handle Batman and hopefully with the help of J.J Abrams and Matt Reeves this series will become a giant success.

No 4: The Bat Ears!

This is mainly a joke but I hope as the series progresses the ears get smaller and more manageable.

Overall, I hope that the series will be a good watch and live up to the hype of Batman: The Animated Series and will gain its own hardcore fans and its own respect through the passing years.

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