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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Review [SPOILERS]

I finally saw Doctor Strange 2 and I really enjoyed it . I can see why some people didn’t, but I will base my review of my last blog post and whether it met my hopes or not.

First of all, I really liked the amount of Wanda we ended up getting. It was good enough, without getting in the way of Doctor Strange and his journey as a Superhero. I personally could emphasise with Wanda and the struggles she was going through but could understand how the dark hold was corrupting her mind to make her the evil Scarlett Witch. I wish we got to see her transition more into this role a bit more because since the end of WandaVision until now nothing was shown of her, and it was a bit jarring seeing how corrupted she was. I will give them a pass on this though, as a load of time has passed since the events of WandaVision and in the chronological world of the MCU it would make sense. I also loved the Illuminati scene, and how brutal it was as it showcased the immense power of the Scarlett Witch.

This film didn’t quite deliver with my hopes for cameos, but I am still impressed and satisfied with what we got. I liked the cameos we did get but I wish we had a slightly longer runtime allowing us to see more versions of characters in a multitude of ways. I also wish the Illuminati or different versions of characters stayed around to help with the final battle at the end. At the same time, I understand how it would take away from this being a Doctor Strange movie so I can’t really slam the movie for this. I’m a bit disappointed though, that there wasn’t any Deadpool!

Another element I wanted this movie to have, was intricate storytelling. I think it is too early for me to tell yet if it delivered was, after my first viewing I am leaning more to no as it didn’t seem as well written as other MCU Projects. However, I can appreciate the complicated nature of Wanda’s grief, corruption and sacrifice. I also believe it did a good job oof making our Doctor Strange become more likeable and show how he has progressed as a character (like Tony Stark).

It also achieved the task of giving me goosebumps. The whole Illuminati capture scene was done so well that I was happy to see Mr Fantastic, Captain Carter and Professor X on screen. This caused the audience in my cinema to gasp. However, I do wish the marketing showed a little less of this location as this was really the highlight of the film for me.

Overall, I would give it around a 7.5 out of 10. This is because I feel like it had the potential to be so much bigger, but I can appreciate it for being a little more grounded and exploring the core characters; Scarlett Witch, America Chavez and Doctor Strange.

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