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Everything Everywhere All at Once…is GREAT, and here is why!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Before I watched this movie, I had no idea what to expect, and it pleasantly surprised me. At first, I believed that it would be a classic take on the ‘chosen one’ trope and I was getting ready to roll my eyes, as I thought it would waste my time for watching another similar movie – yet again!

The movie veers away from that path swiftly as the plot advances. It becomes a perfect mix of The Matrix and Turning Red (both movies that I enjoyed). This movie is like Turning Red as it plays with the antagonistic mother trope but flips it onto the daughter and it creates a familiar story that we have seen before but is slightly different to the point you don’t exactly know what to expect. This movie is also quite like The Matrix as Neo was the chosen one and he managed to download different skill sets to aid him within his battles.

The comedic aspects of the movie mostly stuck the landing apart from a specific joke.


The main gag I and a few others had a problem with was the hotdog finger world. I didn’t mind it as much as others bit the condiments coming out of their mouths and the whole reasoning for that world was a bit unnecessary for the grand scheme of the story. I get that comedy isn’t always needed to be fully integrated with the plot, however, this felt too out there (although an interesting concept nonetheless).

A gag I really liked was the Raccacoonie joke, it came full circle and even helped the story. Even though it was small, it showed Evelyn’s character development across the entire movie and how Waymond positively influenced her mentality. Most of the other comedic moments throughout the movies mostly had to do with the probability before travelling to a different universe, that will make sense if you have watched the movie.


The message of the movie is so small and heart-warming yet done on such a big multiversal scale it works so well! To put it simply – it’s a family movie. It’s about a crumbling relationship between a mother, father, daughter and how they could all be better individuals.


The protagonist Evelyn really shines within this movie as she allows the core message of movie to reach the audience in an engaging way. The message that is when everything looks/and is boring and bleak, it doesn’t have to be. We can find the happiness we deserve by choosing to be kind and helping those around us, to fight back against the harsh world we are living in. This is evident with the ‘Everything Bagel’ which is a giant metaphor that indicates nothing in life matters, it is just an endless cycle of dismay and the only way to cope is to stop trying and just let it consume you. However, Waymond is the opposing force, he has struggled his whole life but has always remained optimistic and hopeful, he chooses love and kindness. Not because he is naïve but because “it is strategic and necessary”. Why let the chaos consume you, when you can be so much more… And this in turn broadens Evelyn’s perspective on the matter and convinces her that there is more to living than jst void and nothing and opposes the Jobu Tupak.


Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It was refreshing and a new way to tell classic stories without being too on the nose. I feel like everyone should experience this movie, as this is what movies nowadays should be… Fun, Thrilling and Heart-Warming.

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