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Is it worthwhile? – Army of the Dead (2021) Review

The Army of the Dead felt too good to just be a streaming movie and I am glad it managed to get released in select theatres. Unfortunately, probably like the rest of you I had to watch it on Netflix in the comfort if my own house.

If you like Zack Snyder’s directing style, boy this is the film for you! It had his signature introduction sequences, cinematic shots and his use of colour grading.

Although, being a Snyder Fflm has its pro’s it also has its cons too. The run time for the movie is 2 hours and 28 minutes and I believe that this could have easily been shortened to make the film feel less draggy. There are key details within this movie which aren’t always said out loud and is usually acted or an action on screen so I suggest watching this movie with your full attention (phone turned off!!).

A pro for the movie is definitely the reimagining of the classic threat – zombies (in this they are called ‘shamblers’). There is an interesting twist which makes this movie unique, but I will refrain from using spoilers within this review. The Location of Las Vegas really fits in well with the zombie theme and it makes sense on why the characters are there and why the zombies are only in that city.

Las Vegas is usually such a lively city and this movie contrast its normal stereotypes by showing us a derelict city which really helps shows the stakes involved with the shamblers and the mess the whole situation has caused.

Another noticeable trait of the movie is that it is a clear nod to heist movies we are all familiar with. It follows the same formula as most but is still a refreshing take of the ‘Heist Movie’ genre as it also moves away from some of the codes and conventions while remaining interesting.

The characters of this movie really are interesting, and you couldn’t imagine the film without anyone of them. The theme of father and daughter relationship is explored within this film, you can clearly tell that is a reflection on how Zack Snyder felt about his daughter, Autumn who sadly passed away in 2017. So, you can tell this movie has a special place in his heart.

The rest of the characters are still interesting, but they are what you would expect from a heist/zombie movie and all the cast do a phenomenal job to try and make the threat seem as real as possible.

The plot of the movie is pretty understandable and what you would expect from watching the trailers, it does have a few twists and turns which make a little bit more interesting, but I still wished the run time was a teeny bit shorter. They also leave the film with a potential of a sequel – would you be interested in seeing a second part to this story?

Overall, I’d rate this film an 8/10 as there were areas which could have been tightened but it still was an enjoyable watch, nonetheless.

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