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Is season 8 the end? The Flash!

Many of us thought the famous CW show, The Flash, would make it to season 9 before they call it quits with the show. However, I now have reasons to believe otherwise...

In the latest season, season 7 Barry & Iris finally decide to try and have a family of their own. All the West-Allen fans will be buzzing with this news, but does this mean that something upsetting is lurking just around the corner.

In the Arrowverse, they never seem to be able to handle the birth and persistency of new-born characters correctly; whether that is Sara Diggle, or the Flash’s very own Jenna Marie West.

Jenna Marie West was born in Season 4 of The Flash and since then we see very little of her apart from the odd comment every other episode. The fact that Jenna is the child of two supporting characters of the show, it questions the way they will handle Bart & Nora. But at the same time no one would want to see full episodes of Barry & Iris being full-time parents and bringing children into the show is already quite risky.

If Iris ends up being pregnant at the end of Season 7 it gives the perfect opportunity for her to give birth at the end of season 8 when the series ends. With The Flash's dip quality and ratings, this would wrap up the series nicely with a happy ever after ending for the West-Allen family.

Do you think Season 8 will be its last?

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