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Is She-Hulk: Attorney at Law worth your time?

The wait is finally over, She-Hulk has made her live action debut on Disney +. Did I think it was as good as Ms Marvel’s first episode? No. But did I find it entertaining? Yes, so let’s break down what works and how the series will hopefully improve.

Quicker Origin Story than Ms Marvel

Although I liked Ms Marvel, I wished that we saw more of her as her superhero self. We spent too long with her origins and less seeing her learn how to be a better hero. With She-Hulk, her origins have been explained in 30 minutes. So, I feel like it will give the show breathing room to explore Jennifer’s adventures as the super lawyer and how she will have hopefully earned her piece in the MCU.

Respectful to its Legacy

I feel like the first episode respects the character of Hulk while still empowering Jennifer Walters. The way they explain her being able to control her rage makes sense. Some fans might not like it but it’s true. Being a woman seems to be based around controlling and balancing your emotions so being a Hulk would be a piece of cake.

I also like how she didn’t overshadow Bruce in the action scenes. He was either better than her or equally matched. This is how female characters should be portrayed to make sense for the narrative and to appeal to all audiences.

Sloppy CGI

Although I overall like the series. I hope the CGI doesn’t get any worse because at the moment, it is passible as decent CGI. There are a few sloppy shots including the Sakaar ship. But it is hardly noticeable at the time. I understand the harsh VFX Artist conditions and I hope this gets sorted out over time especially with the constant marvel releases.

The Courtroom Battle

I felt the ending battle in the court room was way too rushed and that we saw all of it in the countless trailers. If it was a few minutes longer, the episode would have felt more well-rounded in my opinion.

To conclude, the series opener, shows to me that if done right the series could be one of the best Marvel has done in a while. The comedy, the action, and the chance for a unique plot.

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