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One Piece Episode 9 - My Anime Journey - Liar Liar, You're Pants are on fire!

Sorry for the lack of content recently, I have been working as hard as I can in my university course to ensure I get the best grades I can. In Episode 9, “The Honorable Liar? Captain Usopp!” the episode starts with the exact same guy the previous ended with.

This new guy is so scared of pirates, a bit like Koby actually…. I bet he joins the crew, even though the creators proved me wrong with Koby. This guy is an absolute liar, I guess that’s how the title comes into play. This story reminds of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, and it turns out to be very similar as karma takes it course. Luffy and crew come storming in like the bosses they are!

Usopp is the new guy’s name, and he is most certainly a liar. I’ve started to realize that anime likes to shout a lot, and it really must be funny when the voice actors are recording their lines.

I can’t believe Luffy and Usopp have connections to one another. Usopp’s dad was apart of Shanks’s crew – I really like how everything is interconnected but I worry that if happens to often it will become extremely unrealistic. Yes, in real life we do meet people with surprising connections. However, not every person we meet will have a connection to something in our past.

Why can’t they go over there?

Usopp is a compulsive liar, I can relate to how annoying Usopp can be. People lying for no reason can be extremely annoying and make them less and less trustworthy. Zoro is scary yet funny – he can scare the kids and it is still funny. I love Zoro.

Awwe, Usopp lies to make the girl feel better, he tells her stories. His lies aren’t as bad as they could be, so I am slowly starting to appreciate him more.

LUFFY! ISTG, he needs to get better at using his powers, he just flung them over the fence, and they ended up crushing Usopp. Lol

Wait!. Who is the man with the read heart glasses on? WAIT THAT’S THE END…

This episode was very much an Usopp centric episode, it didn’t ruin the pacing for me as it still makes me excited on what is to come next.

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