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One Piece Season 1 Episode 1 - My Anime Journey - A Good Start!

This show is not what I expected. The overall premise is based around finding the hidden treasure of the sea. The one who gained this treasure will be the great pirate king, thus causing The Great Pirate Era. When I was reccomended to watch this show, a pirtate theme was not what I expected.

I really liked the intro, I don’t know why but it just gave off good vibes and got me excited for the rest of the episode.

I’m not so keen on the animation so far, it is a little more jarring and has the typical anime style. This differs from Spirted Away but I won ‘t hold the animation against it just yet.

I wonder who this mysterious Red Head girl is… I feel like she might be or grow into a main character. The pink haired boym is clearly held captive or is just being stupid and is trying to make money. The Lady Pirate is definetly a massive bully, is she going to be the main antagonist like Team Rocket?

WHAT! The Redhead girl is a pirtae? To be honest, I did see that coming…

GOD!!! The new boy loves to shout, geez! This boy is brave compared to the other one, he is beating the pirates’ ass. Finally, we have a name for this boy – Monkey D Luffy (Luffy for short).

I cannot stress how annoying the pink haired guy is. Why is he whining? Let Luffy do his thing, he clearly knows what he is doing. Is Koby going to be Luffy’s sidekick, they seem to be setting up that friendship.

Ok, I might’ve been a little harsh on Koby, he was kidnapped by Lady Alvida and her crew. This explains why he is scared all the time. I might be a little bit more sympathetic towards him as he clearly is a boy full off trauma.

Redhead girl is stealing the pirate’s treasure. Karma at it’s finest. Luffy’s motivations are becoming more clearer now, he wants to find the one piece and become the king of all pirates.

I know I just said I felt sorry for Koby, but once again he is getting on my NERVES!!!!! Koby wants to become a marine – fair enough. But he definertly needs to grow more as a character, maybe Luffy will help him.

Does Luffy have some sort of powers as he is jumping really high? He definetly does as his hands are elastic like Mr Fantastic. He is called a ‘rubber man’ does that mean there are others like him. The show mentioned something caalled the devil fruit… maybe this is what gives people powers.

I am 99.99% sure that this redhead girl is gonna be in Luffy’s crew they are setting it up soooo hard. Koby’s grown a pair… it’s about damn time.

Luffy and mysterious girl lock eyes, is this the couple of the show? I think this will be the show’s ‘Will they, won’t they?’

So the episodes ends with Luffy and Koby on the hunt to find Zorro, l he looks like a badass and the final scene is a great tease and makes me want to watch more.

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