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One Piece Season 1 Episode 2 - My Anime Journey - Zoro is so interesting!!

This episode picks up where the first episode left off. Luffy and Koby are still sailing towards the marine base to find Zoro. Surprisingly, Koby is good at something; he’s a good sailer which makes sense looking back at his origins.

They both finally arrive at Marine Base City, which is not a very creative name. Did the writers have writer’s block when trying to decide on a name or something? While walking around the city everyone seems to fear Zoro and the marine captain.

The creators of this episode are really hyping up the character of Zoro. The way he is so mysterious, and the shadow covers his eyes, he best not be a let down because he might be a great character in the making.

WHY IS KOBY STILL WHINING? IT WAS SO LAST YEAR! Although I hate on him a lot, I do understand that it would be unrealistic for his character progression for him to suddenly not care about anything.

Luffy and Koby finally meet Zoro, and damn the heavy rock soundtrack really shows me that his character is going to be one hell of a ride.

Who is that little girl? She’s so sweet, she made rice cakes for Zoro, even though he’s a dreaded bounty hunter. This blonde-haired guy is a total arsehole, why does he have that much power? He reminds me of Pamela Milton’s son from The Walking Dead.

NO WAY – I refuse to believe that they are going to execute the little girl like that… Ah! He is Captain Morgan’s son that totally explains why he comes across as a spoilt little brat.

This is clear commentary on how people with more power and money abuse it, even though they are meant to be the ones to keep the common people safe. Zoro helped the little girl against the cruel nature of the spoilt son (Helmeppo). I don’t think he is as bad as we were teased at. From what I am gathering, he seems like a Robin Hood type character who fights against corruption within the hierarchy.

This is so sad; he went to prison to stop the sweet girl and her mother from being executed; He really is noble.

REDHEAD GIRL IS BACK!!! I knew she would be.

So glad Luffy managed to punch Helmeppo, the idiot deserved it. He is such a cry baby/spoilt brat.

WOAH! We’re already getting some Zoro backstory. Who is that blue haired girl, was that a young romance? Was it cut short? I hope they’re still alive. Oh, I didn’t know the show swore… interesting. I thought anime was for children, I must’ve been mistaken.

After seeing what he has done and how he has ended up where he is, Zoro is not as bad as I thought he was going to be. I really liked this misdirect with the character as it offered a unique plot which I don’t see that often in this industry.

Helmeppo definitely has father issues, I think I would if I had Captain Morgan as a father as well. He looks and is hardcore. Sh*t! he just killed one of his own men. I thought the marines were supposed to be the equivalent of our police. Saying that, this is probably the commentary they were going for.

I thought Captain Morgan was going to be good, but he is even more corrupt than his son, he is much cooler and less annoying though. Actually… I change my mind! He’s very egotistical.

Thank God Luffy destroyed the statue. Captain Morgan needed his ego to put into place.

Why is the redhead girl in the marine base?

Koby is saving Zoro! Upon reflection, if he was to join the marines, I do think he could be the best of what the marines could have to offer. He seems like he would be the one who wouldn’t be susceptible to temptation.

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT ENDED LIKE THAT! That ending was great. The next episode is going to feature a showdown and I’m all for it. The battle between Luffy, Zoro and the marines is something to look forward too.

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