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One Piece Season 1 Episode 3 - My Anime Journey - This episode had me in my feels!!!

In Episode 3 titled, “Morgan versus Luffy! Who's the Mysterious Pretty Girl?", picks up where we left off; The showdown against Luffy and Captain Morgan. Although I hardly know any of these characters, I still feel as if this might be an epic fight. I know this as Zoro is even getting ready to battle.

LUFFY how are you struggling to untie/rip the knot. Fair enough, after a quick google search, I have found various types of knots and how they all progressively get tighter if they are pulled. We now know Zoro’s main ambition and I think it makes sense. He want’s to be the best swordsman there is and seeing how he already wields them I would say he has devoted his life to that already.

Why does Captain Morgan want his crew to kill themselves. I believe that this has to do with Japanese culture and isn’t him just being an idiot. I think what he wants them to do is honour suicide. Where the soldier commits suicide to escape the shame of losing a battle.

Captain Morgan does not stand a chance against Luffy & Zoro. Ughh… Helmeppo is now using Koby as a hostage. DAMN! Zoro went straight in for the kill and killed the corrupt captain. I did not expect that, but it is a nice twist and shows how inexperienced the captain was. Rather than abusing his power I think he probably should’ve been training. I bet Helmeppo comes back for revenge someday.

I like the name ‘Captain Luffy’ it has a nice ring to it.

All the marine soldiers are now free? Were they held against their will like Koby was with Lady Alvida. Maybe this will make him connect with them more when he finally joins a branch of them.

REDHEAD GIRL is back! She’s looking for a map I believe and is looking for Buggy the Immortal. Judging by his name I believe he cannot die.

Zoro already regrets his decision to join Luffy’s crew. He now has the reality check that Luffy is probably the most unprepared pirate on the sea. Koby is still whining but this time it makes sense as Luffy does seem to be winging it.

Good on Koby, he finally believes in what he wants himself to be. He has Learnt from Luffy’s courage and determination to try and apply it for his own motivations. His character already has already had major progression in the 3 episodes since he had met Luffy. It’s a shame but what Zoro said is true, Koby may never be able to join the marines because of his recent affiliations with pirates.

DAMN! Koby punched Luffy in the face. It’s now turned into a full brawl. This fight is sad though as moments before they called each other friends.

OH! Luffy said all the stuff about Koby intentionally, so that the marines gave Koby a chance For such a impulsive person Luffy is very clever at some points and I somewhat admire him for that.

YAY! Koby made it into the marines, and I hope he enjoys it and reaches his goals.

We had a little bit of an origin to Luffy. He promised a woman he would gain the one piece (I think), I am assuming that it was his mother. I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. Although, at times I didn’t like Koby. Seeing him fulfil his dreams still made me feel emotional. As that could be anyone of us…

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