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One Piece Season 1 Episode 4 - My Anime Journey - Luffy's Origins!

In Episode 4 titled, “Luffy's Past! Enter Red-Haired Shanks” we pick up with Redhead Girl stranded on a boat needing help from other pirates. Is she acting? Yeah, she saw is! Luffy will 100% like her when they eventually meet.

We then see Luffy and Zoro sailing with Luffy nearly losing his hat. We then flashback to a see a man called Shanks wearing the straw hat. I realised in the last article I may have called Shanks a woman – WHOOPS!

From the looks of it. Shanks is Luffy’s role model. He is everything Luffy aspires to be; is a captain, has a crew and is well respected. I do think Shanks is a little mean with the comments he makes towards Luffy, especially since Luffy is only a small child at that time.

The Mountain Bandits are rude. They wander into a town and expect to be treated like Gods. I really don’t like their leader! Shanks was being polite and offered the bandits the last of the wine; like a true gentleman would. But the bandits just threw it back into his face because they expect more from the town.

EXCUSE ME! I find these people incredibly rude and frustrating. Maybe it is meant to be politics on how certain people live. For example, holiday makers can be perceived this way to the seaside locals, and maybe this was the creator’s way if making the audience reflect on their own actions.

After the bandits leave Luffy eats a devil fruit! I guess this is his ‘superpower origin’. To be honest, I thought it was going to be something much more dramatic. I don’t have any problems with how it was handled though.

He ate the gum gum fruit which makes him stretch like rubber (obviously). However, I didn’t realize this but if you have a fruit it means you can no longer swim. I agree with Shanks – Luffy won’t make a good pirate if he cannot swim.

I have a bad feeling Shanks might die in this episode to save Luffy and that is how the straw hat gets passed on.

Why is Luffy letting the bandit hurt him like this? DO SOMETHING! You have powers now; I get that he has no control over them yet. But at least try.

The Bandit kidnapped Luffy! Is this how he finds Koby in episode 1? There’s a sea monster… damn its BIG! Looks like Godzilla. But Shanks saved him BUT HE’S MISSING AN ARM.

This is Luffy’s origin. It is a nice little origin and easily explains where his motivations came from – to impress Shanks. Shanks then gives his hat to Luffy.

Why didn’t Luffy just grab the bird? It big and he has long arms. Now he’s just trapped in the massive bird.

Zoro then bumps into Buggy’s crew. It is revealed that buggy the clown has also eaten the devil fruit. And finally, after 4 episodes, Luffy and Redhead girl meet.

Overall, I didn’t like this episode as much as the others. It still does not mean it is bad but I found a few plot holes which could’ve easily been avoided

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