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One Piece Season 1 Episode 5 - My Anime Journey - I hate cliff hangers!!!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

In Episode titled, “"A Terrifying Mysterious Power! Captain Buggy, the Clown Pirate!" we continue where we left off. Luffy is falling out of the sky and lands on top of the redhead girl.

The redhead girl is very mean, she knows what she wants, and it seems like she doesn’t care who she must screw over to get it. I always forget how much of a badass Luffy can be, until he starts fighting then you remember how powerful he can be.

We finally have a name for Redhead girl! It is Nami, and she explains that she is a pirate thief. She only steals from pirates because she doesn’t think they are worth having their goods, after the destruction they cause.

Captain Buggy is a bit creepy, the way he is drawn makes him seem like a big threat. All his crew are circus freaks as well. They remind me of Zombozo and the circus freaks from Ben 10. He also has telekinesis, is that the ability he got from the devil fruit?

What I love about One Piece so far, is that all the characters have clear motives when they are introduced. For example, Koby wanted to be a marine captain. With the characters stating their motives, it creates a clear path for the story to follow. A downside to this, is that all the storylines might become predictable. I am only on episode 5 so we will have to see if I was ever surprised down the road.

Nami explains how she is a navigator. Funnily enough, that is exactly what Luffy is looking for! And she also states how she hates pirates with a passion. It is clear to me that she will become part of the crew, but the question is why does she? What would make her abandon all of her morals an hatred towards pirates to make her become one.

I also think she is very sly; I think she is using Luffy and is planning on leaving him to die at the hands of Buggy. Buggy reveals he has a very powerful cannonball, somewhat like Shen’s from Kung Fu Panda.

Zoro made it to island!!!

Nami really did put herself in a difficult position; kill Luffy and betray everything she stands for but survives or doesn’t kill Luffy and they both die. This is why never lie. It will always cause you to be stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Nami is also a badass well, she would let her hands burn rather than do anything as bad as a pirate. They must’ve killed someone very close too her!

ZORO! He always knows how to make an entrance. HE CHOPPED OF BUGGY’S LEG!! Why are they all laughing?

No! Buggy stabbed Zoro, does he have some sort of mind manipulation powers? Oh no, he ate a fruit that allows him to detach his limbs. It makes sense why he is called Buggy the Immortal. Luffy is spitting facts just like he did with Alvida. Is he angering Buggy, so he can get broken out?

How ironic, they are3 going to destroy Buggy with is very own Buggy Balls! The irony…

To be continued!!! You have to be kidding me!!

I really enjoyed this episode and can’t way to see where the next takes us.

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