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One Piece Season 1 Episode 6 - My Anime Journey - Chouchou Stole The Show!

In Episode 6, "Desperate Situation! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy!” we pick up with a mini recap of the previous episode’s events. The recap is a bit jointed and mashed together poorly. It took me out of the cliff hanger of the previous episode. I would have preferred if it was to continue straight from the explosion.

I missed the part where Buggy survived his Buggy Ball. He apparently did and is now casting war on Luffy and his crew. Which sucks, as Luffy is trapped in a cage and Zoro is really injured. I still don’t know if Nami is a part of the gang yet.

Aww, a cute but not happy dog! Why is he just sitting there? He could get hurt! Now he’s eaten the key, I get why Luffy would be annoyed. However, I am not a fan of Luffy’s or the writer actions as they sort of endorse animal abuse. It made me sad for the dog as it didn’t deserve to be beaten up.

Ok, now I’m balling! Chouchou won’t move from the pet store as he in fulfilling his dead owner’s wish to protect the store. So Chouchou has spent all his days since sitting and hoping for his eventual return… I’m not crying, you are!

Why are there big thuds? Probably

because of the big monster! Turned out the weird man from before is called Mohji and he has an ability to tame every beast no matter how big or small. He even tried to tame Chouchou, but it didn’t work! That must be embarrassing for him!

NOOO! This dog is having the worst day of his life! Everything he has known is being destroyed right in front of his eyes. He is willing to die for this store and for his old owner. This is so sad, I almos5t turned it off. It broke my heart seeing such an innocent dog suffer at the hands of pirates. He is all bloody now!

NO WAY DID THEY KILL CHOUCHOU!!! Never mind, he’s still alive… I had a heart attack for a second. I have never been so happy for Luffy to kick Mohji’s ass, justice is finally being served. I hope the dog and the store is ok….

Luffy is being really kind too the dog, he gave Chouchou the last remaining item from the store in such a heartfelt way. The acts of kindness Luffy is showing proves that he is way better than any of the other pirates. This also makes Nami reflect and see the good side to Luffy. Damn! This episode is so heart-warming.

Now because Buggy lost, he is willing to cause more pain and destruction… He is so selfish, and this is why pirates have such negative connotations associated to their names. The mayor all has a tragic backstory, I personally think that it is time for Buggy’s reign to end.

The way they ended the episode was so good! They have all officially teamed up and I can’t wait to see the next episode! This was the most emotional episode yet; it even took me by surprise. Who knew a dog’s story could be compelling?

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