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One Piece Season 1 Episode 8 - My Anime Journey - Buggy Be Gone!!

In Episode 8, " Who is the Victor? Devil Fruit Power Showdown!”, we continue where we left off, with Luffy mid battle with Buggy. We then get to explore the history of Shanks and Buggy.

This portion of the episode was interesting as we learn more as to why Buggy is convinced Shanks stole his riches. It is clear straight away that they both have opposing world views. You think it is all settled though, as they also agree to walk their separate paths when the time comes.

Why is he eating the devil fruit? Shanks literally just explained the consequences of eating the fruit. Oh, never mind! It all makes sense now, he pretended to eat it so he could then sell it.

It was a good idea until Shanks decided to scare him into the devil fruit. Shanks saved him, even after the conflicting views, he is a good pirate. Buggy is so delusional to the point that he’d rather cause more destruction that admit to his own faults.

I’m glad we get to explore Captain Buggy’s powerset some more. He can split all his limbs into tiny segments and the only downside is that he can still pain from any limb. This is demonstrated with Luffy kicking Buggy in the balls. I really like the creativity that has gone into making the powers seem individual. They each have their own weaknesses and strengths; I really like that aspect.

The civilians are going into the town to help. I don’t think they know what’s going on so I hope they don’t make things worse.

Luffy is now distracting Buggy by tickling his foot. He then knocked him out but accidentally knocked Nami’s treasure out of the bag. Buggy wakes up, but why is he so small?

Ohhh! It’s because Nami tied up the rest of his body parts. Nami said she would fix the hat. So cute!! Then she confirms she will be joining the crew.

Sometimes Luffy needs to shut up! Why would you tell the townspeople you knocked out their mayor?

THEY’RE RUNNING! Back to their ships and far away from this town. Awwe, Chouchou is stopping the townspeople from reaching Luffy and his crew. I love the dog so much.

Why is the mayor chasing after them? He wanted to say thank you… He is so happy its great to see him have ownership of his town again.

Luffy left a bag full of treasure for the town to help rebuilt it. He is so much better than any of the other pirates. This obviously causes Nami and him to argue as the screen fades to black…

Who is this mysterious man though?

I really liked the conclusion of this Buggy saga and I can’t wait to see what the show does next.

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