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Ruby Rose exposes the TRUTH!!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Before we delve deep into the news which has been bough to our attention today, there are a few things I would like you, the audience to bear in mind. The only source we have currently is just from Ruby Rose so this is all one-sided and although this may be truthful, we do not have both sides of the story. I will only be summarising the events that were posted on her Instagram story.

She starts off her post directing what comes next to the CW and a certain few people. However, I personally believe she was meant to direct this to WBTV as the CW only distribute the show and don’t contribute in the making of it.

The 3 people that she directs this to are Caroline Dries, Greg Berlanti & Sarah Schechter.

She started of her side of the story by posting images of her injuries sustained on the set of Batwoman approximately around Autumn 2019. These consisted of, a broken neck, a completely broken rib and a tumour.

After her first surgery, she was told that if she wasn’t prepared to carry on shooting for Batwoman within 10 days, not only her but the whole cast and crew would be fired and that it would all be her fault.

Ruby on her next story decided to ‘expose’ Peter Roth as a man who would take advantage of females. She brought to light the fact that he had hired a private investigator to investigate her but was soon fired when it didn’t suit his narrative. He had recently left the chairman role of WBTV earlier this year which could suggest that he did have some truth against him.

If you have watched the first season of Batwoman, you would have probably noticed that her cowl had randomly changed halfway through the season unexplained. It was reported this had happened due to an allergic reaction Ruby had had with the material of the cowl. In hindsight, it seems likely that the allergic reaction was just used as a coverup for her injuries as it would have most certainly started when she first wore the costume.

Ruby Rose then states that she had taken a pay cut to do this role as this show acted as a passion project for her. This makes a lot of sense considering what the character of Batwoman represents. Both the character of Kate Kane and the actor Ruby Rose are openly proud lesbians, and both want to inspire a new generation of people. This is probably the deep personal connection which made Ruby want to play this role in the first place. Due to her passion of the show, she really wanted to attend Comic Con 2019 as she really wanted to meet and share the experience with all the fans.

But the studio didn’t adjust her schedule so that she could attend. However, if this was any other CW lead star (i.e: Grant Gustin/Stephen Amell) the studio would definitely alter their schedule to allow them to attend.

What makes matters worse, is that she was forced to make an apology video on why she couldn’t be at the event when she was the main star. But in the process of making said video, she was told to hide all her new scars as they did not want to see it in the video.

Ruby Rose then made it clear that she did not quit the show, but she would never return regardless of how much she was offered. She also added that the show destroyed the character of Kate Kane and that she did her best with what she was given. They created the world, and she wasn’t allowed contribute to that.

She also shared light on some of the accidents that cast and crew have witnessed on set. One incident was a crew member getting 3rd degree burns which literally melted their skin and that she was one of the only people who reached out to them following that incident. Then straight after witnessing this incident, she was made to do a sex scene straight after, with no time to reflect on what just happened.

Ruby also mentions how two stunt doubles quit due to injuries and how she nearly got blinded by being cut very close to her eye.

And how one woman was left quadriplegic on set, which was already made public as this was too much of a big deal to cover up. Ruby also states how she was not happy with the way that the studio handled this. The woman was forced to start a GoFundMe to cover the costs of healthcare rather than having assistance from WBTV. They instead said she got injured because she was on her phone. But the person injured, was a Personal Assistant and if she wasn’t on her phone, she most likely wasn’t doing her job properly.

Ruby then highlights that this issue could have been easily avoided if they had been shut down like the rest of The CW shows at the time due to COVID. Caroline Dries, the show runner ‘has no heart’ and wanted the cast and crew to finish the season during the peak of the pandemic despite the crew worrying for their own health and safety.

The production for Batwoman eventually came to a halt, this was a decision not made by the show runner but by the Canadian Government when they banned all filming temporarily.

Ruby then opens up and owns up to the fact that she probably wasn’t the most professional person on set as she did cause fights on set with people who weren’t doing the right thing on set. She then admits that she got on with most of the crew of than two noticeable cast members.

The first cast member she didn’t get along with was Dougray Scott. She said that he abused women on set and even caused an injury of a female stunt double. When she requested for a no yelling policy for the set, due to the way he’d shout at people, it was declined. He left at the end of season 2.

However, the other cast member she has an issue with is still on the show.

Camrus Johnson and her had a little confrontation once when she was late to work due to her surgery. When she finally arrived on set, he said, "yeah well maybe If people were not late we would make our days...” This is probably more of an arrogant thing to say more than discriminatory. I personally believe that this may have just been a misunderstanding and he didn’t know the full picture, but it doesn’t give him the right to say what he said and it seems like he didn’t apologise. But then it turns out that Camrus was the one who ended up leaking to the press about how she was always late and disruptive on set.

Then later that day she posted some more updates on her social media. Without going into too much detail, she goes to explain how her time on Batwoman has impacted her acting career to the point where she can only act for a very few trusted studios for her own mental health and how she has finally managed to have to the courage to speak out after witnessing the Scarlett Johansson case unfold.

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