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She-Hulk Episode 3 Review (Wong Cinematic Universe)

Immediately after the events of the last episode Wong’s return is teased and really hypes the character up. The MCU is really making him the fan favourite currently as he keeps appearing everywhere and is likeable in every appearance.

When Jen breaks the fourth wall, she tells us how we must wait to see Wong, as it is her show and not his. I really admire the writers for this as they are basically telling the toxic fandom how it is and how they have no reason to complain. It is a She-Hulk show not a Wong one, although they decide to backtrack for comedy and list all the guest characters.

I knew at some point the client who Pug was helping had been swapped out for the shape-shifting Asgardian. This is the first week where the lawyer aspect has really been focused on and I am really loving it. The two separate plots and characters had their different cases and it blended it nicely. I also like the news interview she did, it could’ve gone better for her character. However, it was still funny to watch.

I also think the commentary at the end was well utilised with Jen getting attacked in a dark alleyway and how it reflects society, and the way girls must think in ways men would never dream of. I also like the comedic use of this with Jen forgetting that she could literally transform into a raging monster.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode and I feel like Wong is going to need a lawyer after what he did. And I think that is where the next episode will start off.

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