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She-Hulk Episode 4 Review - Best Episode Yet!

In todays episode, “Is This Not Real Magic?” a real interesting civil conversation was explored. Whether non-magic users should be allowed to use the mystic arts to gain profit, especially with the amount of danger that is involved. Like I said this is a real interesting debate, and only shows like She-Hulk and Daredevil will get to explore these.

The tone of the episode is slightly less comedic than the other three and has more serious undertones which helps this episode shine. The comedic elements are still there, however, I think this episode was a perfect blend of what people want.

The show seems to explore certain aspects of the male mentality every episode and how it affects women’s day to day lives. In this week’s episode we see She-Hulk and Jen going on various dates. On these dates, the men never wanted to hear what Jen had to say, they expected her to listen while they spoke. As a man myself, I am not offended by this. It doesn’t represent me as an individual but as a collective males may be seen guilty doing this. So, if shows like this pull us up on it, we can strive to be better.

I think the show is setting up Jenifer Walters having an identity crisis. As we can see how her being Jen is having more negative impacts on her day to day life. People only see her as She-Hulk and refuse to see her as Jen. A perfect example of this is her date with the nicest man. He didn’t like Jen didn’t even recognise her when she was human. I think this accumulation of events may lead her down into a messy path of her figuring out her new identity.

To end the episode of, Titania claims She-Hulks name and tries to sue her.

If that wasn’t a stinger for a lawyer show, I don’t know what is. Personally, I enjoyed this episode more than the rest as it explored deeper themes than previous episodes while still maintaining it’s humour. I will mark this episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law at 9/10.

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