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She-Hulk Episode 5 – Still consistently good!

In today’s episode, “Mean, Green, and Straight Poured Into These Jeans”

another interesting but funny premise presents itself. Only this show would manage to spark discussions with superheroes and the troubles of not trademarking their names.

I really liked the opening card in this week’s episode, it was a funny way to highlight what a nasty legal situation could do.

I like how they are slowly easing us into the idea that She-Hulk will be getting a costume soon. The way that incorporated it into the show was very clever.

She hulk costume coming into play, clever way of doing it

I can’t believe they got all her ex-tinder matches back! I really felt bad and embarrassed for Jen, but it was the only way she could win the case against Titania. I am also disgusted that they brought the nasty man back from last weeks episode. It must’ve been painful for her.

There was no post-credit scene this episode, but boy they did tease us! Daredevil is officially in the MCU – LET’S GO!

I personally would rate this episode a 7.5 out of 10. Mainly because I feel the episode lengths are too short to really delve deep into the character of Jen Walters.

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