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She Hulk Episode 6 Review - The Show Is Slowly Declining!

In today’s episode, “Just Jen”, we take a break away from the usual She-Hulk storylines and as Jen puts it, having a wedding episode breaks the momentum of the overall series no matter the show.

I get that the superhero suit is going to be a great reveal at the end of the series, but why is there still no suit!!! There needs to be good payoff for the long wait to feel earned and rewarding.

I really don’t like the lady who’s wedding it is. I get why she doesn’t want Jen hulking out at her own wedding, it moves the spotlight onto someone else on your own special day. But I do think she is being a jerk about it.

The title carf this episode was fun as well. I appreciate how they change the title card and the amount of effort it must take to do so.

I also don’t like Mr Immortal, I know I am not meant to, but he’s a jackass!

Lou Lou is so frustrating, Titania literally shows up to mess with Jen’s head but she has the audacity to say “Not everything is about you…” I hate to break it to you Lou Lou but it’s her show, so everything is technically about her.

I am interested in seeing where Josh and Jen are going to end up. Especially with the reveal at the end. Is he a part of the wrecking crew? And is he helping Todd?

I don’t like how much Lou Lou is taking advantage of Jen, I don’t think this was needed in the episode. It just made Jen’s life even more miserable. If I was Jen I would have walked out as soon as I saw Johnathan.

The Titania and She-Hulk battle was enjoyable. The writers created an interesting concept this episode and I wonder if this is how they eventually get Jen’s blood. They made it so Jen forgets how to transform when she’s drunk. Titania wasn’t really a big match for Jen. The fight scene was too short same with these episode lengths.

Is that Todd teaming up with Josh so he can get her blood, the CCTV footage would seem to suggest this. If so, I have a problem with this…

The shows commentary on men and women are making me like this show less and less. Not everyone in this world is out to get you or is going to be rude to you. I don’t get why the creators have taken this approach, its very unrealistic; most people don’t give a damn.

Once again there was no post credit scene. Why would you start with them if your not going to continue with them all throughout the season.

I don’t have too much of a problem with Daredevil not being in this week’s episode as they could be taking the slow burn approach.

Overall I would say the quality in the show is declining, so I will give it a 6 out of 10.

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