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WHAT IN THE UPDSIDE DOWN, DID I JUST WATCH??? Stranger Things 4 Vol 1 Review

I have always been a fan of Stranger Things, ever since I first watched it when season 2 came out. I can definitely agree with most fans when they say tone shifted in season 3. I personally felt it turned into a big action movie rather than the horror it was. I am pleased to say season 4 when back to its roots while still expanding on what they set up during the last season.

All the characters got their own time to shine, which is hard to do when you have an ever-growing cast. The show successfully does this by doing there formulaic converging storylines. Each individual group of characters have their own involvement with the main villain, Vecna whether they realised it or not. And most of them didn’t even realise the other group were also investigation in the typical Stranger Things fashion.

The first half of this volume was just introducing all the characters old and new and proceeds to ask more questions than answer them. The build-up too every moment was great and at several points during this volume I felt myself on the edge of my seat, anxious for what fates await the main characters.

I really liked this as it made me want to watch the whole season as soon as I could. The answers to the questions were equally as good, with Chapter 7 really homing in on/concluding the mystery surrounding Vecna (who/what is it?)

Although its not a complete season, it is most of one and the pacing, characters and storylines are all superb. So I suggest you go and watch it…. NOW!

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